Saving AmeliA

A Short Film by Matthew Fridg

Saving Amelia

A Short Film by Matthew Fridg

Nominated Best Short Film - CIFF - 2020
Nominated Best Family Film - CIFF - 2020
WINNER - Children's Film Festival Seattle - 2021
WINNER - Best Shorts Competition - 2021
WINNER - Global Shorts - 2021
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Christian Family Film Festival - 2021
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Eurovision Palermo Film Festival - 2021
WINNER - Boston International Kids Film Festival - 2021
Gold Telly Winner

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The Film


When two contentious sisters stumble upon an old two-way radio as they explore their attic while stuck at home, they realize it can mysteriously communicate with the past. As they start playing with the radio, they realize they are speaking with Amelia Earhart just hours before the final transmission of her ill-fated flight. It becomes a race against time to help save her. But can these sisters overcome their own quarrels in order to change the course of history forever.


Filmmaker Matthew Fridg and his daughters Miriam and Anna decided to use their time stuck at home during the COVID-19 shutdown of April 2020 to make a short film. Over the course of the girls’ spring break, they filmed all over their house with whatever props, lights and film gear was available.



Anna Fridg

as Anna


Miriam Fridg

as Mimi

Elaina Laughlin

Elaina Laughlin

as the voice of Amelia Earhart

Director's Note

Becoming a father (of four kids) changed my whole view of film and the world. I found that I couldn’t wait to show my kids all the movies I grew up watching like The Goonies, The Rocketeer, Home Alone, E.T. and tons more. Enjoying these family adventure films with my children gave me so much joy that I wanted to create my own.

During the COVID-19 quarantine of April 2020 my daughters and I decided to create our own short film. I resurrected a script I wrote years before and modified it to fit the current circumstances. “Saving Amelia” is a 27 minute short film in the spirit of the classic family adventure films that puts two young girls at the center of a mystery that could change history forever.

To create the film, we used whatever we had. Since our state was on lockdown, it was nearly impossible to get anything that wasn’t already in our home. So, with an old camera I had and props we cobbled from all over the house, we spent 5 days in our attic filming “Saving Amelia”. When we finally shared the film with our family and friends the response was overwhelming. We were overjoyed to hear that people found the story to be incredibly compelling and the acting performances wonderfully engaging. We also received several messages that young viewers were searching Amelia Earhart after watching the film to learn more about her history. The film was also featured on the Tongal Site blog.

I think “Saving Amelia” is the film we need right now. With the young female heroes, the focus on an important historical figure, and the feel good adventure vibes, it seems to be something that sticks with everyone who watches it.

– Matthew Fridg, Father & Director


Matthew Fridg profile photo

Matthew Fridg - Director

My name is Matthew Fridg and for the last fifteen years I have been fortunate enough to make my living as a filmmaker creating documentary and commercial content all over the world. But, after all those years of work, EMMY® nominations, and other career highlights, I feel like the most important and meaningful creation is the film my two young daughters and I made during our COVID-19 quarantine, “Saving Amelia”. We had so much fun making it and we hope you have fun watching.

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